“You can’t afford not to work with Bex

65% of the world’s GDP is predicted to be digitized this year. But how many companies fully utilize technology tools? With Bex, you can take a leadership position right now.

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Choose the right plan for your business. Experience the best digital coaching for all your users in any department. Powered by AI, machine learning and natural language processing, Bex is backed by Meet Me In The Cloud, leaders in driving adoption and ROI for their customers for over a decade. Whether you have 1 user or thousands, Bex is flexible and scalable.


*Master Your Tech-Apps with Cutting Edge Innovation *Ideal for Individuals, Startups, and Rapidly Growing SMBs with <100 employees
$ 9 Per User Per Month
  • Powered and Curated Content by Experts at Meet Me In the Cloud
  • In-App Bex-Bot, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Voice Recognition
  • Admin Capabilities for Account with more than 5-users
  • Secret Share Feature - Share confidentially across any platform
  • Screen Recording Feature - Record your screen and forward to anyone, including IT support desk
  • File Sharing Feature


*Digital Adoption & Transformation at Scale *Best for Companies with > 100 Employees
Custom Pricing
  • Includes Everything in Standard
  • Custom Pricing
  • Enterprise Account Administration
  • Integration to Internal Ticketing System of Choice (like Jira)


*For Companies that Develop Apps *Bex can Provide Digital Adoption for Your Customers
Custom Pricing
  • Custom Pricing
  • Custom Integration with Proprietary App
  • Customized Content Development
  • Access to Bex Artificial Intelligence University

*Billed annually for uninterrupted service, **If hours aren’t leveraged, they are non-transferable, ***Depending on the size of the videos uploaded, there may be an additional hosting fee. Terms and Conditions

What customers say

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback… An IT manager who had been at OSU for 10 years commented that it was the best university-wide IT rollout ever.

Peter Sander
Managed Communications Services, Oregon State University

The speed of our deployment was miraculous…that level of predictability is invaluable in my business.

CSPi Technology Solutions

Set the standard for the rest of our global rollouts.

Cook Medical

Employee and customer satisfaction have improved now that we are all samepaging because of the simplicity and personalization Bex provides to make the most of our technology.

James Woods
Operations Director, Cisco

We could not have achieved this level of adoption so quickly without your support.

Corey Kuhnke
Account Executive, Presidio

In just four weeks, usage has gone up on my customer’s WebEx site by more than 50%.

Steven Smith
Collaboration Specialist, Cisco